Planning – Design – Construction – Management

Development Services

CDP has extensive experience in the planning, design, construction and management of a wide array of development projects in Kansas City and other Midwestern communities.

These projects have ranged from the complete redesign and reuse of historic warehouse structures into modern residential and commercial spaces, to the detailed renovation of older apartment and hotel properties. New construction experience includes infill retail, residential and commercial projects ranging from downtown, urban settings to inner-ring suburban locales. The value of the work completed well exceeds $220 million, and has led to the revitalization of heretofore neglected neighborhoods.

As specialists, CDP and its team of experienced consultants, are able to provide clients with an array of pre-development and construction services, including the use of available and appropriate development tools and incentives. Our considerable experience in planning, design and construction, allows for the efficient and focused use of architectural and engineering services, thereby ensuring an affordably designed project that meets the pro forma expectations of the client.

Most importantly, our hands on approach to problem solving and managing the construction process, is invaluable when dealing with the uncertainties and challenges of the development cycle. We have a great deal of personal experience in working with local building codes officials, and are known for our practical problem solving skills.

CDP emphasizes the involvement of experienced individuals, thereby saving time and money throughout the development process. We have ongoing relationships with an array of qualified subcontractors with proven capabilities. Our considerable experience allows us to identify and retain the right mix of subcontractors to match up favorably with the anticipated scope of work. As client driven professionals, CDP can react quickly to changes in project scope and schedule, with an eye toward ensuring on time and on budget outcomes.

Construction – Management/Owner Representative – Project Reviews & Reports

Consulting Services

Consolidated Development Partners (CDP) will act as a third party reviewer of prepared plans & specifications and ongoing construction activities as they relate to approved construction budgets and schedules.

The following specific items are included in the proposed scope of services:

  • Review construction contract and related documents, including budget and schedule.

  • Review and comment on all previously approved site plans and site related construction activities related to underground utilities and City-mandated storm water management improvements. Assist in identifying and minimizing BMP’s (Best Management Practices) related to surface water flow.

  • Identify potential savings and efficiencies related to vertical construction systems identified in the project’s plans and specifications, with an emphasis on appropriate “means and methods” as they relate to quality and cost savings.

  • Attend ongoing Owner-Architect-Contractor (OAC) meetings and provide owner ongoing field reports that tie construction status to schedule, including a detailed review of construction quality and adherence to approved plans and specifications. Provide a third party review of contractor generated Requests for Information (RFI’s) to design professionals, as well as tracking the status of submittals logs and change order requests.

  • Review monthly application for payment with on-site work performed to substantiate the work completed against the current request for payment.

  • Review general contractor’s distribution of funds and monitor lien waivers from major subcontractors and vendors. If subcontractor payment and performance bonds and insurance certificates are required for specific scopes of work, make sure they are in hand prior to releasing draw funds.

  • Provide transitional services related to project turnover, including verification of all contractor-related warranties and O&M materials.

  • Assist owner in obtaining temporary certificates of occupancy (TCO’s), if needed.
  • Assist owner in obtaining final certificate of occupancy (CO).